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    Location of Taxi Stands:

    Terminal 1: After leaving the baggage claim area, please proceed to Exit Arrival and make your way across to the taxi station.

    Terminal 2: After leaving the baggage claim area, please proceed to Exit 211 and make your way across to the taxi station.

    Terminal 3: After leaving the baggage claim area,please proceed to Exit 314 and make your way to the Ground Transportation Center (GTC). Then cut across the hall and leave the building through Exits G08 or G09 to arrive at the taxi stands.

    Warning Note on Illegal Taxis

    The use of illegal taxis, usually operated by drivers without proper commercial taxi licenses, is not advisable and should be avoided for reasons of safety. The vehicles are mostly privately owned cars not equipped with a taximeter, and their owners bargain for fares a lot higher than the legal rate. If a person approaches you in the terminal and offers you taxi services, please proceed to the taxi station.

    Taxi Fares:

    To Type of Taxi*


    Initial Fare (for the first 2km)

    Night (from 23:00 to 06:00)

    Initial Fare (for the first 2km)

    Metered Fare (per km)
    Below 1.8L
    RMB 8.5
    RMB 9.5
    RMB 2
    Above 1.8L
    RMB 8.5
    RMB 9.5
    RMB 2.4
    New energy eletronic vehicels
    RMB 9
    RMB 10
    RMB 2.4
    Below 1.8L
    RMB 7
    RMB 8
    RMB 1.5
    Above 1.8L
    RMB 10
    RMB 11
    RMB 2.4


    1. You will be charged at a starting price within 2km in Xi’an city or 3km in Xianyang city;

    2. You have to pay the road toll for a single ride besides the price displayed in taximeters;

    3. You will be charged additional RMB 0.3 Yuan for each kilometer during 23:00-06:00 in the night; 

    4. As for taxies below 1.8L to Xi'an,you have to pay an additional charge on return trip if you trip is more than 12kmand for the other taxies,you will be additionally charged if your trip is more than 8km.

    5.If the taxi speed is ≤ 10km/h but not due to drivers' responsibilities during the operation in Xi'an, a fare of 1km ride is charged automatically in every 5min accumulated.A fare of 1km ride is charged automatically in every 4min accumulated during 7:00-9:00and17:00-19:00

    6. The charging price is calculated in RMB.  



    Distance to the airport surrounding areas.

    Region Main stops in downtown Approximate mileages
    Bell Tower
    about 37km
    North Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda
    about 45km
    Xi’an Railway Station
    about 39km
    Xi’an North Railway Station
    about 27km
    High-Tech Zone (Shangri-la Hotel )
    about 35km
    Xi’an West Long-Distance Bus Station
    about 30km
    Xi’an South Long-Distance Bus Station
    about 45km
    Hou wei zhai Metro Station
    about 24km
    Terro Cotte Warriors
    about 69km
    Xianyang City
    Xianyang Railway Station
    about 14km
    Xianyang qindu Railway Station
    about 22km
    Xianyang North Long-Distance Bus Station
    about 15km
    Xianyang South Long-Distance Bus Station
    about 17km


    1.Please take your belongings with you and ask for the invoice for your taxi fare;

    2. Don’t carry on explosives, inflammable and dangerous articles or other articles affecting the taxi clean;

    3. In case that you are refused to offer service or encounter such illegal activities like charging for additional fare, please don’t hesitate to inform us.

    Taxi Service Complaints: 15877483436       029-96716

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