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    Airport parking

    *At present, there are five regular car parks and one VIP parking lot available to travelers and visitors at Xi’an Xianyang International Airport. For more information on the location of each car park, please refer to the Airport Traffic Map in the Airport Location section on this website.

    The Parking Process:

    Upon entering the car park, please press the red button to be issued with a parking ticket. As you leave the parking area, you will have to present your ticket and pay for any fees accrued. Please note that lost tickets will incur the maximum daily fee for each day of parking.

    Car Park Rates:

    P1 (Holiday Parking): RMB 150 for the first five days, thereafter RMB 30/day. From the 10th day of parking a fee of RMB 25/day applies, and from the 20th day of parking a fee of RMB 20/day will be charged.

    Overground Parking: Vehicle Type First 2 hours(<30minutes,for free) Every subsequent 1/2 hour Maximum Daily Rate
    Small Vehicles
    RMB 8
    RMB 2
    RMB 45
    Large Vehicles (>19 seats)
    RMB 12
    RMB 3
    RMB 55
    Underground Parking: Vehicle Type First 2 hours(<30minutes,for free) Every subsequent 1/2 hour Maximum Daily Rate
    Small Vehicles
    RMB 10
    RMB 2
    RMB 50
    Large Vehicles (>19 seats)
    RMB 14
    RMB 3
    RMB 60


    1. Parking is only permitted in the designated areas. Parking in front of the terminals is not permitted. Any parked vehicles will be towed at the owners' expense.

    2. Please lock your car securely and take all valuables with you.

    3. All vehicles intending to use the underground parking areas are checked and registered by the staff before entry is permitted.

    4. Business VIP vehicles can be parked in the East VIP Parking building. SBC Simple Business Club members can park their cars in car parks PVIP2 and PVIP3.

    5. All vehicles except for group baggage carts are prohibited from parking at the passageways on the first floor.

    Service Hotline: 029-88796997

    The Charge Standard was approved by Shaanxi Provincial Price Bureau on 12 August 2011, and has been applied since 15 August 2011.

    Visitors please note that from 3 May 2012,car parks P1, P2, P12 (Overnight car park), PBus (Bus parking) and PVIP (VIP car park) are free of charge for the first 15 minutes.

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