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    International Departures

    The Basics – A short check list for departing passengers

    Be there at least two (2) hours in advance.

    We at Xi'an Xianyang International Airport invite you to check-in early and hassle-free, and enjoy our numerous shops, restaurants and other facilities. For more detailed information on what's available, please visit the Shopping, Dining & Entertainment section on this website.

    Check-in information

    Please refer to the Flight Information Systems for your airline's check-in row information and other details.

    Travel Documents

    Please make sure you have your valid passport, air ticket or booking confirmation, and valid visa (if applicable) in order, before proceeding for check-in. Upon leaving check-in, make sure you have been issued with the correct boarding pass and have your travel documents in order..

    1 Health Inspection

    Personal Health Inspection

    1. Health Certificate

    Chinese citizens leaving the country for more than one year are required to present a valid health certificate containing information on their HIV/AIDS test results, issued by a quarantine and inspection institution or hospital (at or above county level). Passengers who fail to provide said evidence are advised to go to their nearest exit inspection and quarantine office to have all required tests conducted, before departure will be permitted.

    2. Vaccination Certificate

    Chinese passengers travelling to countries known to have a high risk of yellow fever transmission will have to produce a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate prior to exiting the country. Individuals failing to produce said evidence will be asked to be vaccinated prior to departure. Visitors travelling to areas known to be affected by cholera may consider voluntary vaccination or other forms of disease prevention.

    3. Health Consultation

    a.) For your own safety and that of others, there may be tests of body temperature and other forms of medical observation at the airport. Diseased passengers and those suspected to be will be prohibited from leaving the country and will receive full epidemic investigation and medical examination, on the base of which decisions for further actions will be made.

    b.) Travelers to endemic disease high-risk areas will be supplied with appropriate medication.

    c.) Health consultation and information on travel health, as well as travel health kits are available on request.

    d.) Medical safeguarding will be providedfor departing passengers infected with HIV/AIDS or other infectious diseases.

    Health Inspection of Passengers' Belongings

    Any inspection of departing passengers' belongings is usually undertaken upon passengers' requests, in accordance with the inspection and quarantine requirements of the destination or internationally valid agreements.

    Passengers traveling with pets are required to apply for inspection of their animals in advance, and need to produce proof of valid rabies vaccinations upon inspection. All pets will be inspected in accordance with the requirements of the destination and upon successful completion are issued with an Animal Health Certificate, granting permission to exit.

    2 Customs

    Outbound travelers are kindly advised to comply with the effective Customs regulations.

    1 Red Channel: Goods to declare

    Please use the red channel, if you carry more than the permitted duty-free allowances and/or any goods you intend to use for commercial purposes.

    2 Green Channel: Nothing to declare

    Please use the green channel, if you do not carry more than the permitted duty-free allowances, and goods are intended for private consumption.


    - Regardless of whether you take the Red or the Green Channel, your baggage may be examined at discretion of the officers.

    - If you are unsure about your duty-free entitlement, or which goods to declare when leaving China, please go to the Customs Enquire Point for further assistance or check the Notice on Customs Regulations on this website.

    - Please keep in mind that customs regulations vary from country to country.

    Service Hotline:029-83196114

    3 Check-in

    - In order to make your check-in experience as pleasant and straightforward as possible, please find below the most essential information on the process.

    - Upon arrival at Xi'an Xianyang International Airport, please refer to the Flight Information Systems for your airline's check-in row information. Alternatively, travelers may decide to take advantage of the self-service check-in kiosks distributed throughout the departure level.

    - Before proceeding for check-in, please ensure that all your travel documents, i.e. your valid passport, air ticket or booking confirmation, and visa (if applicable) are in place, and that your baggage is packed according to the requirements.

    - Before leaving the check-in counter, please make sure that you are issued with the correct boarding pass(es) and that your travel documents are in order.

    - Check-in counters close 40 minutes prior to flight departure.

    - China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines and China United Airlines will change the cut-off time of international check-in into 45 minutes before the flights take off.

    - Please have your travel documents and other valuables with you at all times.

    - For more information on the check-in requirements, please consult your airline representative.

    4 Baggage Allowance

    Hand Luggage

    In order to ensure flight safety, airlines operating at Xi'an Xianyang International Airport allow economy class passengers to carry one (1) piece of handluggage, not exceeding a total weight of 5kg (11lbs) and/or a maximum size of 55 x 40 x 20 cm.

    Passengers travelling first class are allowed two pieces of hand luggage per person, each of which is not to exceed the measurements given above.

    Please note that all cabin baggage will be X-ray screened prior to boarding, and passengers are kindly reminded to remove all security items and sharp objects from their hand luggage before proceeding to security control.

    For further information on hand luggage allowance and security items, please check with your respective airline.

    Checked Baggage

    Most airlines comply with the following free baggage allowances:

    Economy Class: 20kg

    Business Class: 30kg

    First Class: 40kg

    For further information on checked baggage allowances, please check with your respective airline.

    Please note that all checked baggage will be screened by airport security. Passengers may not pack any prohibited items into their checked luggage, including weapons, combustible items, explosive materials, and toxic and other dangerous substances. For more details on restricted luggage items please refer to the Notice on Security Check section on this website.

    Excess Baggage

    In case of overweight, excess baggage charges may apply. Please check with your airline for more information.

    Oversized and Unusual Baggage

    Please inform your airline about any oversized or unusual items of baggage well in advance of departure.


    1. Do not help strangers with luggage or leave your luggage unattended at any time.

    2. Valuables and fragile items should be carried in hand luggage if possible, to prevent loss or damage.

    3. Passengers are advised to label their luggage, including the passenger's name, address and destination(s), to aid quick retrieval in case of loss.

    4. Please remember that each airline is different and may have restrictions varying from the information given above. Travelers are therefore kindly reminded to always check with their respective airlines first in case of any questions or ambiguity.

    5 Border Control

    Before proceeding to Border Control, departing passengers are required to fill out a departure card, of which blank copies are available in the border area.

    Upon completion, please move to the next frontier control point and present your departure card along with your valid passport and visa.


    1. If you are a foreign traveler, please make sure you hold a valid passport, visa and departure card, and exit the country upon expiration of your visa.

    2. If you are a Chinese, Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan resident, please make sure you hold a valid passport, visa and departure card, as well as an exit permit issued by the authorities concerned.

    6 Security Control

    In order to ensure the safety of all travelers, every passenger is required to undergo security screening at the airport.

    Please remember that once you have passed security control, you cannot return to the check-in area.

    The Security Process step-by-step

    1. Examination of Documents

    All departing passengers are kindly asked to have their passport and boarding pass ready for inspection by security.

    2. Baggage Check

    All passengers are required to undergo security screening and have their carry-on luggage x-rayed. As a rule, travelers are prohibited from carrying any potentially hazardous items on their bodies, in their clothing or in their hand luggage. For a full list of restricted items, please refer to the Notice on Security Check section on this website.

    Please note that security staff may confiscate questionable items at their professional discretion or at the request of the airlines. Passengers dependent on medical items such as syringes or needles may carry those with them on the condition that they produce a valid medical document upon inspection.

    To help you finish your security inspection fast and smoothly, do take note on the following tips:

    1) If you travel with a laptop computer or other large electrical devices, please place them in a separate tray.

    2) If you carry coins, keys, mobile phones or other small items on you, please place them in your bag or jacket prior to inspection.

    3) Place your coat and hand luggage in a tray.

    4) Place any liquids, correctly bagged, into a tray. Remember that only limited quantities of liquids may be carried through airport security into the departure hall. For further information please visit the guidelines for liquids under (D) in the Notice on Security Check section on this website.

    5) To ensure fast processing, please comply with instructions given by security staff.

    3. Physical Examination

    If deemed necessary, a separate physical examination of the passenger may be conducted by security staff.

    7 Waiting and Boarding

    Having successfully passed security control, Xi'an Xianyang International Airport warmly welcomes you to take advantage of the numerous opportunities to shop and dine the waiting time away in the duty-free area.

    For more information on what is available at the airport, please visit the Shopping, Dining & Entertainment section on this website.


    1. Examination of Documents

    For international flights, boarding will typically commence 45 minutes prior to flight departure time, and will finish 10 to 20 minutes prior to flight departure time.

    At time of boarding, please have your boarding pass ready for inspection at the gate, and board in an orderly and civilized manner.

    In case passengers holding an e-ticket should require a receipt for reimbursement, they are kindly asked to contact the respective airline for help.

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